Equatorial Africa, 19th century or earlier
Wood, camwood powder, kaolin; height 22.9 cm

Joseph Brummer, Paris
Frank Burty Haviland, Paris, presumably acquired from the above in 1908
Hôtel Drouot, Salle No. 10, Étienne Ader/André Portier, Collection de Monsieur F. B. H. Arts Primitifs. Afrique et Océanie, June 22, 1936, lot 41
Charles Ratton, Paris, acquired at the above auction and until his death in 1986
Guy Ladrière, Paris, by descent from the above
Merton D. Simpson, New York, acquired from the above
Werner Muensterberger, New York, acquired from the above on January 17, 1991
Sold by Heinrich Schweizer to a Private Collection, 2010


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